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Karate Career:

 Matt began training in 1987 at Portsmouth Karate Club and moved to the Portchester Dojo in the Summer of 1988 when his family moved house. He was guided by Mervyn O’Donnell for many years although he did have a break for a few years during his teens. Matt has taught children since the year 2000 and took over the Petersfield Club in October 2009 when the previous Sensei retired.

An active competitor for 12 years, Matt was for many years the Vice Captain of the SEKU National Squad and more recently the Captain. He stepped back from competing to concentrate on developing the Petersfield club and its membership. 


Career Achievements:

 Matt was graded to 5th Dan in June of 2022.

As a member of SEKU he competed throughout Europe and the UK winning numerous team kumite (sparring) titles with the 5 man team.

As an individual his  highlights include winning the SEKU nationals in 2003, the JKS British Open in 2007, the Shobu Ippon 2008, The Legend Open 2010 and placing second in the Slovakian Open in 2002.

Karate Ethos:


Matt believes that Karate should be Energised, Alive and have personality.

He is passionate about training, studying and delivering classes that challenge all present both physically and mentally. Equally he insists that karate should be FUN!


Karate should encourage self-expression and diversity. Each generation should build on the lessons of the past but seek to refine, improve and develop.  


Karate needs to be relevant in the modern world, as a means of effective self-defense and a vehicle for self improvement and health.

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