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"Who runs the world?....girls!

Today saw women of the AKA join forces for Sensei Williams' women only kumite seminar. The session started with a reaction training based warm up which set the precedent nicely for the rest of the class. The class was based on Sensei's development of the PARCCS model of kumite - power, agility, resilience, confidence, camaraderie and speed.

The students worked 10 mins on each section in groups of 5/6 in their own peer groups. The main aim was to showcase the elements needed to be a holistic fighter using a systematic approach, all of which can be evolved into longer sessions.

The power section involved leg strength for long low gyakus, the agility section worked on how to move easily between partners.

Resilience was the hardest section which increased the most impressive teamwork when needing to "dig deep " for energy.

When Sensei asked the students before the session what their expectations were, confidence was high on people's list so the groups were able to choose their favourite technique to execute to gain more confidence.

The finale involved cameraderie and speed with ladder drills while the rest of the team planked evoking lots of cheering on for each other. Sensei was impressed with all who trained and feedback was very positive.

The AKA's future of ladie's kumite is very bright and it's safe to say that on this day girls ran the world!

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