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  • Emma Williams

Getting in the Zone

The 12th November saw the applied karate associations final 2017 black and brown belt course with grading. It was decided that Sensei williams would fly "solo" and teach his concept on jyu ippon, whilst the rest of the AKA instructors trained and developed the idea to take back to their clubs.

Sensei williams' concept started with one step and students understanding of defence . The lesson started with some "old school" hard and linear three step attacks and defence which acquired many bruises along the way! This was to increase awareness of resilience for body and mind. The lesson then moved on to one step and applying a red, amber and green "zone" theory. This was kindly demonstrated on Sempai Chris Arnold who assisted Sensei williams on the day and in the planning stages before the course. The students were then able to apply the theory by meeting an attack, using tai-Sabaki and evasion and counter in one step, which then evolved into jyu ippon. The class ended with "surprise" attacks being given by Sempai Arnold and "zones" being given by Sensei williams which gave everyone a great chance to implement what was taught -and receive new bruises!

The grading then began and was well attended with a high pass rate throughout. A Stirling performance was given by an all female dan grading all of which showed how hard they had worked. The AKA would like to congratulate our newest Shodan's Seren Evans, Regan Evans, Ciara Daniels, Tamia Varghese and Chloe jafkins.

We Look forward to seeing our students progression in 2018-OSS

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