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High hopes

Saturday 30th March saw both Sensei Williams’ take a squad of 9 AKA members away to the JSKA Championships in Woking. The day began with something extraordinary- Sensei Keith Williams was early! A rarity if ever we have seen one and so a nice costa was had and stories shared about competing.

On route and on time!!!!!!!

We arrived and checked in and were greeted by Jana Sensei whom we have fond memories of competing with many moons ago. The squad were treated to an opening ceremony with the national anthem which was new for all of them but a proud moment indeed!

A big task ahead

First up Regan Evans started the proceedings by fighting a JKA England squad member and held her own very well receiving a respectable 3rd place. Victoria Street then had a heroic and very brutal fight where she and her opponent were able to wear their medals on their faces! Next up Seren Evans displayed wonderful movement and poise during her first fight to get through and face best friend and teammate Bethany Arnold and even got in a cheeky Jodan mawashi that wasn’t scored! Seren was awarded a bronze medal and Bethany a gold medal after a sharp and dignified display of kumite.

Friends that train together stay together

Our newest squad members having their debut were Tommy and Millie Woodford. Although nervous they both stepped up to the plate and showed incredible AKA spirit! Tommy had some unlucky decisions against him which didn’t phase him and went away smiling afterwards. Millie had a fantastic display of kata and was awarded 3rd place. The kumite proved to be fairly brutal but Millie gave as good as she got - so much so she bagged herself a gold medal! Oscar hughes then represented the young men and had some tough draws including the recent Legends champion! Ionut Hentea and michael Smallpage were entered into the 30+ male kumite and again had some very tough competition and very high standard of kumite.

Always their to support the AKA Sensei Chris Carr and the team

Michael Smallpage had a nail biting final fight with Leon from SKC and won Gold! Both Sensei’s were incredibly proud of the squad for all their achievements, stepping on the mat, their sportsmanship and their support of each other when competing. We also had the support of the lovely Nicky Porter who drove and took some great photos, glen and Helen Woodford who took the time and effort to come all the way from the island and of course the fabulous Chris Carr who represented AKA refereeing.

This was an extremely well run competition and had 600 competitors with some prestigious names and very high standard. This was all taken In the squads stride and we have very high hopes for improvements for the next time!

Another great day


Girls 12-13years novice-4th Kyu kata Millie Woodford

Female 16-17 years 3rd Kyu + Regan Evans

Female 18-29 years 3rd Kyu + Seren Evans


Girls 12-13 years novice -4th Kyu kumite Millie Woodford

Female 18-29 years 3rd Kyu + Bethany Arnold

Male 30+years 3rd Kyu + Mike Smallpage

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